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Do you know how to identify small problems with your brakes before they grow? This article has some of the most common identifiers for you to learn. It’s easy to know when your car is overheating because your engine makes it blatantly obvious by pouring steam out from the hood of your car. And of course, if you have an oil leak, you only need to keep your nose out for the smell of it burning. But how about your brakes? Can you identify when your brakes are on their way out or when they need a bit of attention? With so much vehicle maintenance focused on the engine, most motorists never learned how to identify problems with their brakes.

Learn How to Identify Problems With Your Brakes

Prosource Oil knows how important it is for all motorists to know about their vehicle, how it works, and how to identify potential problems. Because of this, they have  prepared the following post to share with information to help you recognize potential brake problems.

But I Pressed the Pedal Miles Ago!?

Does it feel like you have to press the brake pedal earlier and earlier each time that you want to stop for a red light or to park your car in a parking space? No, you aren’t going crazy. In fact, this is the most recognizable sign that your brake pads are on their way out and could do with a replacement. While it may not actually take you miles to stop, it’s important to remember that brake pads can wear quickly once they are at the point where you notice their lack of performance, so don’t delay in having them checked and replaced.


While this is often the sound that Hollywood would have you believe comes from a futuristic car, a high pitched screeching noise from a modern car is no movie magic! In fact, it’s a pretty sure sign that you need to pay some attention to your brakes. To help you know when it’s time to replace your brakes, modern brakes include a small metal device which sits hidden in the brake pads. As the brake pads get lower, this tiny device starts to poke out and come into contact with your wheel as you brake. The harder you brake, the louder and more gruesome the noise becomes. As horrible as it sounds, this noise is on purpose to alert you to visit your mechanic. Give your brakes the support they need by using only the best products available. Click here to buy AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid, a brake fluid which has been designed to provide maximum ABS control. If you aren’t sure which is the right product for your brakes or engine, give Prosource Oil a call at (308) 870-0963 and speak with an expert about your engine needs.

Click Clack!

Well, just click, actually. If slowing down your vehicle reminds you of when you put a baseball card in the wheel of your bike tire, then it’s time to stop remembering childhood memories and get to the mechanic. A clicking noise could be caused by your brakes slipping around in their fitting, either because they weren’t installed correctly or they have become dislodged through driving. Either way, it isn’t a good sound to hear coming from your wheels. So if you can hear this sound, it’s best that you pull over and take a look at your brakes.

Can You Brake in a Straight Line?

Does it feel like your car wants to join the car in the lane next to you each time that you slow down or pull up to the traffic lights? Unless you are driving the magical car Herbie, it’s time to get your brakes looked at. It could be something as simple as a frozen or loose caliper or even a poorly installed brake bad which is wearing unevenly. Whatever the reason for the lane deviation, get your car to a mechanic quick and have the problem looked at.

Give Your Engine a Performance Boost With a Synthetic Oil Change in Grand Island

When it comes to keeping your vehicle in good shape, it’s important that you pay attention to all aspects of the vehicle, not just what you see and hear coming out of the engine. To help you find other products to keep your engine in good shape, speak with Prosource Oil at (308) 870-0963 and ask about the range of high-quality AMSOIL engine fluids. Alternatively, check out the online store for more information about the range of products available for a range of engine types.

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