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Just because you aren't a mechanic doesn't mean that you can take steps to reduce your gas usage. This article has easy to follow tips to help. Do you remember when you could visit the gas station without having to empty all of your spare change on the cashier table? Okay, maybe it isn’t that bad, but you get the idea! Gas prices aren’t what they used to be, and they certainly aren’t showing any signs of returning. With the acceptance of high prices, many motorists look for ways that they can reduce their gas usage. Of course, without a solid understanding of how an engine works, it can be difficult to think past the simple idea of not driving your car.

Easy Tips to Help Improve Your Fuel Economy

Prosource Oil has been providing motorists of all types of vehicles with high-quality synthetic oil for a while now and knows a few things about how engines work and how to reduce their fuel consumption. With this in mind, below are some easy to adopt ideas that can help you reduce the number of trips to the gas station.

There's No Rush!

Do you know what happens when you put your foot on the gas pedal as hard as you can as soon as the light changes to green? You end up waiting at the next red light while all of the other slower drivers gently close up beside you. The difference? You used a lot more fuel to get to the same spot they did a few seconds earlier. When you think about it, your car is essentially a heavy metal object. When you think of hard difficult it would be for you to put this object you can start to get an idea of what your engine has to go through to move you from a standing start. Now, imagine just how much harder it needs to work each time that you insist on being the first one at the next red light! All of that extra work means only one thing - more gas usage.

Keep Your Fluids Up

It’s a traditional doctor’s saying that also works well for your engine. You see, inside your engine are a number of different sized metal parts. At a very basic level, the role of these parts is to slide up against and bump into one another for the purpose of keeping your engine running. As you can imagine, when these actions occur under high amounts of pressure or high temperatures, such as those inside your engine, friction begins to build up in each part, requiring your engine to work harder and harder just to keep going. To prevent friction from occurring, your engine utilizes motor oil. You may also know it as engine oil or engine lubricant. This product flows through your engine’s mechanics and coats each part with a protective barrier. With this thin film in place, instead of each part grinding against each other, it fluidly slides, significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your engine operating. Click here to buy AMSOIL's  Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. Purpose designed to help you get the best performance out of your engine, speak with an expert at Prosource Oil today by calling (308) 870-0963 to place an order or to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Kearney.

How Is Your Tire Pressure?

Do you remember the last time that you crouched down and checked the pressure in your tires? If you can’t then now is the ideal time to do so! If your tires are under inflated then you could be wasting money on your gas. As you drive, friction builds up between the surface of your tires and the road. This friction works against you as you drive, requiring your engine to exert more power just to keep you moving forward. If your tires are under inflated then more of the surface is coming into contact with the road, increasing the instance of friction. The next time you are near a gas station, stop in and check the pressure level of your tires against your owner’s manual or the advice printed on the tire. A simple check can result in a positive impact on your fuel economy and also your vehicle’s handling!

Change Your Routes

Do you always get stuck in the same traffic week in and week out as you run around completing your errands? Not only are these wait times frustrating but they are also causing you to waste fuel as you idle waiting. As you sit down to work out your weekly schedule, look at ways that you can move errands and obligations around to better improve your journeys. For example, if you always get stuck crossing the city to drop off your dry cleaning, consider changing the task to a day when you are closer or a time where there is less congestion.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Kearney Can Help

The get the best performance out of your engine along with improving your fuel economy, give your engine a synthetic oil change in Kearney.  To get started, speak with Prosource Oil by calling (308) 870-0963 to find out which AMSOIL product is best suited to your needs. If you prefer, feel free to browse through the online store for more information.

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